Emergency Storm Damage Repair in Lenexa, KS

Unforeseen damage can affect your Lenexa, KS home because of storms. Things such as water, wind, and debris can seriously affect your home. Our emergency response team can repair immediate hazards in as little time as possible, regardless of exterior or interior damage.

Damage Caused by Storms

KS storms can be surprisingly unforgiving, even though the country sees many detrimental storms. Whatever storms are thrown at you, there is a likelihood that your home will have harm. This damage can be small or it can be completely destructive.

From tornadoes to severe thunderstorms, harm can be inflicted on your residence, based on the severity of the storm. These kinds of storms bring heavy rain, uncontrollable wind, and electrical interferences with your home.

Being unable to repair damage inflicted on the outside of your home is unnerving, which is why blizzards are equally as damaging. Heavy snow and intense wind are strong enough to knock down trees and utility poles, jeopardizing your roof and home exterior. Your plumbing may freeze and utility lines can fail and break because of frigid temperatures and heavy snowfall, causing serious problems.

Our Emergency Response Team

You aren’t expected to predict unruly weather, which is why we give 24/7 emergency response to Lenexa, KS. When you’re looking for urgent assistance, we will work with you whenever we’re needed, day or night.

Emergency board up service is available following storm damage. Broken windows, exposed siding and other areas of your home with direct outside availability can be boarded up to prevent water intrusion. Tarps are available to temporarily protect your roof to keep out further water leakage if unsafe stormy conditions return.

Although these repairs are not permanent, we can assess your damage and provide a list of recommendations for necessary fixes to have your Lenexa, KS functioning safely again.

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