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Yay! You’ve found it: the official PDR Bingo Page.

Here you can find: 

1. The rules for PDR Bingo

2. All of the current and past called numbers for the current game in progress

3. The list of past prizes and winners

We will be giving away some fun prizes in 2016!!

Want to play, and don’t have a card and blotter? Call Paul at (800) 511-0351.

This Week’s Numbers Are:

Rules of the Game

1. Who can play PDR Bingo? Anyone who has been given a PDR Bingo Card by an employee of PDR Midwest, and who has “liked” our Facebook page, may play PDR Bingo. If you do not have a PDR Bingo Card, or if you have a friend or co-worker who would like one, please contact us.

2. May I enter a bingo game that is already in play? Yes, you may. All previously “called” numbers are listed on the PDR mobile app, and our website. You may fill in all numbers that have been called (for the game in play) at any time.

3. How will the numbers be posted? Numbers will be posted every Monday afternoon on Facebook and our PDR mobile app.

4. What do I do if I bingo? If you bingo, you should go to our Facebook page (make sure you are on the right Facebook page!) and write “BINGO!” in the comments line under the bingo post that has your winning number. The first commenter with a verified PDR Bingo Card wins!

5. How do I verify my winning PDR Bingo Card? E-mail a photo or scan of your winning PDR Bingo Card to erinnix@pdrmidwest.com within 24 hours of your “BINGO!” post. We will also be contacting you to set a time to come and pick up your card to award your prize.

6. What happens if I don’t submit my winning PDR Bing Card within 24 hours? You might still be eligible to claim your prize: it all depends on whether anyone else has bingo’d. If more than one person has commented “BINGO!”, then your prize will forfeit to the second person if you do not submit your winning PDR Bingo Card within 24 hours.

7. Do I have to be on Facebook to play PDR Bingo? It helps. You will tend to see the numbers quicker, and it is the fastest way to claim a Bingo Win. When you comment “BINGO!”, Facebook  will automatically log the time of your post. If you do not have a Facebook account, and do not want one, you may still play. Numbers will always post on our PDR mobile app, and the game’s previously called numbers will be there as well.

Called Numbers 

Game #4 – Started 5/15-7/10

  • G-56, I-23, N-34, G-48, G-51, N-40, O-62, O-72, N-45, O-67, B-4, I-20, O-71, I-26, O-75, I-25, G-53, I-22, B-14, N-38

Game #3 – Started 2/8 – 3/23:

  • I-19, O-64, I-28, G-54, N-42, I-27, G-58, O-68, G-60, G-55, N-37, O-63, B-8, B-3

Game #2 – Started 6/29 – 8/24:

  • I-26, N-33, I-20, G-46, O-67, I-18, I-23, N-39, B-1, B-2, G-43, B-10, O-69, I-27, G-56, N-32, B-14

Game #1 – Started 4/6, Ended 6/15

  • I-26, G-57, O-71, N-32, G-48, O-73, N-43, O-67, B-14, B-5, N-36, I-17, G-60, G-55, N-41, G-47, I-28, I-20.G-51, B-2

Bingo Prizes

Game #1: 4/6 – 6/15:

Winner: Devin Baird, Integrity Midwest Insurance 

Prize: Office Pizza Lunch  

Game #2: 6/29 – 8/24:

Winner: Heather Simmons, Steve Dreiling’s Allstate Office 

Prize: Two $25 Gift Cards – Merchants Pub & Plate and Home Depot

Game #3: 2/8 – 3/23:

Winner: Ronda Wolf, Tom Bottiger’s State Farm Office

Prize: TBA

Game #4: 5/15-7/10:

Winner: Mary Wiscombe American Family Agency, Lawrence, KS

Prize: TBA